Project FBI Paranoia

Table of Contents:

I. Introduction
II. Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)
A. Brief History
B. Ideological Beliefs
C. Profile of the Group
D. Funding
E. Examples of Terrorist Activities
III. Conclusion

With only a few months to go until the year 2000, there has already been an increase in pro-government paranoid thinking. By studying pro-government extremist groups like the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), Project FBI Paranoia has found a wealth of information on their dangerous ideological belief system. The FBI terrorist group poses a threat to the individual liberties of all Americans. With a long history of ignoring the Bill of Rights, there is a legitimate reason to believe that they will continue to pose a threat in the year 2000 and beyond.

II. Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)

A. Brief History
A part of the so-called "Department of Justice" (DOJ), the FBI is one of the most well known extremist government groups. Founded in 1908, the Federal Bureau of Investigation has a long history of violating an individual's rights.1 In the 1920's and 30's, the FBI enforced the unsuccessful Prohibition laws. Out of these laws came two powerful classes of gangsters. Al Capone and other bootleggers are confined to the history books but the FBI federal gangsters have survived to this date. During the Cold War era, the FBI continued to produce file after file on "subversive" people under J. Edgar Hoover's reign. People as benign as Helen Keller had a file produced on them by this government supremacist group. Even with the end of the Hoover administration, the FBI has not stopped their terrorist activities against individual liberty. In the past decade, there is evidence pointing to FBI cover-ups in incidents like Waco, Ruby Ridge, and Filegate. The FBI terrorist group is responsible for numerous killings of innocent Americans. Even with these charges, the FBI extremists have not been brought to justice.

B. Ideological Beliefs
The FBI is founded upon a belief in a strong federal government. The federal government has supremacy over the state/local governments as well as the individual American. The FBI has gained an increasing presence in all areas of law enforcement activities on a national, state/local, and even international level. Contrary to the principles of state sovereignty expressed in the 9th and 10th amendments, the FBI now claims jurisdiction over many "law enforcement" activities that should be reserved for the states or not be done at all. Working along side other government supremacist groups, they have managed to produce a tyrannical system of power over all Americans. The FBI government supremacists advocate Draconian laws and legislation that effects us all. FBI pro-government supremacists want your fingerprint, access to your computer files, your DNA, almost anything that they can get on you. What the government extremists don't tell you is that the FBI and other pro-government supremacists groups are waging a war against your basic rights.

The FBI's paranoid belief system lends itself to producing a "witch-hunt" mentality. They irrationally perceive that there are many "witches" who will appear around the year 2000. Many excellent examples of their paranoid mentality can be found in reading their newest press release, "Project Megiddo."2 The report includes hateful language like "cult". FBI government supremacists use terms like "cults" to describe any group they don't like. They are also targeting "militia, apocalyptic, christian identity, " groups as possible enemies for the year 2000. Their witch-hunts focus on "unpopular" targets in order not to ruffle the feathers of the mainstream culture. Even if you don't belong or associate with any of these groups, remember the witch-hunts often lead to increasing power for the FBI.

Interpretation of the Constitution/Bill of Rights
The FBI claims to be "faithful to the Constitution."3 But like most government supremacist groups, their faithfulness is only to be found in a broad interpretation of the Constitution. Adherents of this "living" constitution can justify their actions by claiming the Constitution can be easily changed according to the "popular" ideas of the current time. Of course, the "constitution" that the FBI has remained faithful, doesn't include a Bill of Rights. The FBI is fearful of the original Bill of Rights. If presented with a copy of these rights, they will still ignore them. Government supremacists follow a "constitution" that doesn't include individual rights. The FBI terrorist government supremacist extremist's "bill of rights" says, "you have the right to forfeit all your rights whenever we say so! Ha. Ha. Ha." It's a perverted "bill of rights" based upon the rights of the government not of the people. The FBI regularly oppresses the civil liberties of all people; hence, the term "equal opportunity oppressors" would apply to their ideological beliefs. However, as with any terrorist organization, the FBI has their special targets as they mentioned in "Project Megiddo".

C. Funding The FBI receives it money by "fraudulent funding." The FBI is funded by dollars that have been stolen in numerous "taxation" schemes. Because of the passage of an income tax amendment in 1913, the FBI has been able to fund many of their expensive terrorist acts. Congress critters appointed them a 3.1 billion-dollar budget last year. 4 Because the FBI is a state-sponsored terrorist organization, the FBI portrays themselves as being a legitimate "law enforcement" organization to their funders. By releasing a "10 most wanted list", they try to convince the public that they are just trying to catch the "bad guys". However, remember, as a state-sponsored terrorist organization that can get their hands on a lot of advanced weaponry and they have little regard for the Bill of Rights.

D. Profile of the group.
The FBI claims to have about 11,400 "special agents" and 16,400 "Professional Support Personnel" in their terrorist group. 1 The numbers would be higher if you include FBI sympathizers as well as other government supremacist groups. The current leader of the FBI is the ironically named Louis Freeh. Freeh's leadership has continued the long line of the liberty destroying goals of the agency. With 2000 on the horizon, there is a lot of opportunity for them to further oppress and/or kill innocent people. They may use the date to signify a "crackdown" on the Bill of Rights or any other individuals that "get in the way" of their goals.

FBI agents aren't always easy to spot. When in "action", they are found sporting black uniforms with jack boots. If you spot any agents in this attire, do not approach them. FBI agents have been known to burn/shoot children. In order to appear more acceptable, many will sport normal business attire and/or regular clothing. Don't let this fool you into complacency. They still will destroy your rights.

Hundreds of FBI compounds can be found throughout this country. They have been known to stockpile files, fingerprints, and weapons in these locations. Some compounds many also include numerous files on innocent Americans and evidence of their cover-ups. Do not enter these compounds. They are heavily guarded and they may create a file on you afterwards.

E. Examples of terrorist acts by the FBI.
The past decade has already given us examples of terrorist acts committed by these groups. This will only be a brief overview in hope that the reader will already be well familiar with their blunders. The FBI terrorist organization typically attacks targets, which are "unpopular" or have been "demonized" by the media and mainstream public. FBI agents have also been known to conspire with other government supremacists groups like the ATF, DEA, and any number of SWAT teams.

Ruby Ridge: In 1992, FBI snipers shot a mother and a child in Ruby Ridge, Idaho.5 The FBI terrorist groups include deadly snipers that are trained to kill on command. FBI snipers or "sharpshooters" show a very dangerous trend in the evolution of this group. It also shows that FBI terrorists are not afraid to use powerful weapons against women and children. A FBI sniper, Lon Horiuchi, is still at large and hasn't been brought to justice for these murders.

Waco: In one of the worst acts of government terrorism, about 80 men, women, and children died on April 19th , 1993 in Waco, Texas.6 An alliance of supremacist government groups was formed in order to carry out this terrorist event. The FBI falsely justified that Branch Davidians were a "cult" and therefore should be burned in order to "save" them. Pro-government supremacists have a deranged "religious" doctrine that includes "killing" people who need to be "saved". The FBI terrorism at Waco shows how they will use military weapons like tanks and helicopters against their victims.

III. Conclusion
The FBI is a typical example of a pro-government fringe group. This report is only a brief overview of their ideas, and activities in order to provide the reader with a starting point to further investigation. The author encourages Americans to find out more about the FBI and other government supremacist groups. There is a wealth of information on the Internet as well as many good publications on the terrorism of these groups.

1 2 Project Meggido can currently be found on their extremist website 3 4 5 David Kopel & Paul H. Blackman , No More Wacos (Amherst, N.Y. : Prometheus Books, 1997), p. 32-39 6

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