EgyptAir Flight 990/33


The Illuminati and EgyptAir Flight 990
Robert Sterling
November 1, 1999

The most sacred of numbers to the Illuminati is 33, corresponding to the highest degree of Masonry. When events have the Illuminati's fingerprints on them, they often leave numeric clues involving the number 33 to let those in the know what is going on.

On Halloween, EgyptAir Flight 990 crashed going from New York to Egypt. At the time of its sudden fall, the plane was at an altitude of 33,000 feet. The plane disappeared from radars 33 minutes after takeoff. The EgyptAir plane, named Thutmosis II, had a little over 33,000 flight hours. It has been confirmed that 33 Egyptian military officers were aboard EgyptAir. 33 people boarded the plane on its previous stop, Los Angeles. 990 is 10 times a trinity of 33's. The number of passengers is reported as one hundred and a trinity of 33's (199.)