Texas Tragedy/Mind Control?

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9.16.99 September Massacre-- Dallas/Fort Worth Location No Surprise

NewsHawk made public last month information given to us by a professional, well-respected and highly-credible resident of Denver, Colo.

This information indicated that rumors were rampant within the goth underworld of both Denver and Dallas/Forth Worth that a shooting massacre was going to occur at a school in one of these locations sometime in early September.

Our source in fact indicated that the Dallas/Forth Worth area, according to his knowledge, was MOST likely to be the target location for yet another horrifying episode of mass murder and mayhem, enacted by mind-controlled "Manchurian Candidate" killers subjected to extensive 'MK-Ultra"-type mind-manipulation techniques by rogue government intelligence agencies who are beholden to globalist, New World Order power brokers.

On Wednesday, September 15, just before 7 p.m. (Central Time) one of POSSIBLY TWO gunmen stormed into the Wedgwood Baptist Church in a quiet middle-class neighborhood on the southwestern edge of Forth Worth. He shouted anti-religious curses, tossed at least one pipe bomb up the isle of the church and ordering his victims to "stay still" while he pumped a hail of bullets into hymn-singing teenage worshipers in the crowded church, killing seven people and himself, officials said.

So, it DIDN'T happen at a school; but it DID take place in a school-like setting in which hundreds of teenagers were present; and once again, as at Columbine, severe anti-religious/anti-Christian sentiments were expressed by the shooter(s?).

Again the objective is to terrorize and stampede American society--in PARTICULAR Christians, who have as a group so far been strongly AGAINST gun control--into supporting more stringent gun control/registration laws in the U.S.

No doubt this incident of mass murder was ALSO designed to both turn the nation's attention away from the constantly unraveling Waco monstrosity AND send a message to Texas officials that perhaps they can find something else to do but force the Pandora's Box of Waco wide open.

No doubt this is a message to "Dubya" as well, who has been rather slow to completely endorse severe, extensive gun control in either Texas or in the nation, of which he hopes to soon be President.

We're sure Dubya got the message this time. Watch for him to show some sudden support for restrictive gun control legislation in the VERY near future.

Some "oddities"-- There are reports of another gunman or participant being involved.

An unidentified firearm NOT belonging to the known shooter was found near his body.

Thursday morning Forth Worth city official Pat Svacina made a peculiar and rather troubling statement about the mass murder Wednesday night; saying, "there are some indications that something may not be right."

And a BIGGIE: according to some reports ATF agents were on the scene at Wedgewood Baptist within a few MINUTES of the outbreak of the shooting (shades of Columbine!). NO WORD of pipe bombs having apparently been utilized had yet been made public. WHAT WAS ATF DOING THERE?!

More inconsistencies, contradictions and irregularities will doubtless arise in the hours and days to follow regarding this latest scripted, planned staged and implemented covert government massacre.

More as the story develops.

John Quinn/NewsHawk Inc.

From: "NewsHawk Inc." Reply-To: newshawk@workmail.com

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