The Concrete Tomb

WACO-The Concrete Tomb, Part II

Copyright 1999 Ian Williams Goddard

After examination of the Waco crime scene, Gordon Novel, an investigator in the civil suit against the Federal Government for wrongful death, came to the shocking conclusion that a bomb had been exploded on the top of the concrete room wherein forty one women and children died. Novel's conclusion has been corroborated by independent experts, including Brigadier General Benton Partin.

A primary feature of Novel's bomb theory is the large fireball that appeared during the fire. When the concrete room is superimposed in its exact location over the following FBI photograph of the fireball, we can see that the fireball originated exactly on top of the room.

The large fireball was centered directly over the concrete room. A circular hole in the roof exposing downward-bowed steel rebar is consistent with the detonation of a large bomb on top of the roof.

General Partin observes that this is "the kind of hole you get with a demolition charge. You have concrete in contact or close proximity to high explosives and the pressure is several hundred times the yield strength of the concrete, so the concrete in the area of the hole is turned to dust, and you have ... dynamic gas pressure going down into the 'bunker' below." The steel rebar was left intact due to its cohesive strength and its thin curved shape which lacks surface area sufficient for the blast to do significant work upon.

That explosive force traveled down through the hole in the ceiling into the room is proven by the following photograph from the court docket which shows how the lower surface of the concrete ceiling below the rebar running through it collapsed, falling onto the floor in a circular pattern centered roughly below the hole in the ceiling.

Superimposed circles denote the circular distribution of small to increasingly larger debris. This pattern proves that extreme forces blasted down through the hole above.

The finest and thus most pulverized debris that fell from the ceiling is found at the center of the concentric distribution of debris. The debris becomes progressively larger away from the center, which is below the hole in the ceiling. This defines the hole as the epicenter of a powerful explosive event. Also observe that the upper panel of the walk-in freezer has been smashed downward by a force from above.

Notice further that an array of holes in the forward panel of the freezer correspond with the circular lines of force radiating from the area below the hole. A physicist I consulted noted that this arc of evenly-spaced holes "perfectly matchs the hole in the roof and one can make a ray diagram which traces each and every hole directly back to the hole in the roof. The shape of each hole also proves that the projectiles which formed them came from above."

Hideously burned and mutilated bodies of women and children lie under the debris, largly undiscovered at the time of the photo above. Areas of black seen through the debris and pushed up against the walls by the force of the incoming blast contain the burned bodies of women and children. The image below shows a few of the most intact remains of those murdered women and children.

The physicist that I consulted concured with the findings of General Partin, concluding that the distribution of debris from the ceiling and the damage to the freezer establish physical proof that a large bomb was detonated on the roof of the room sending a sudden pulse of extreme explosive force down through the hole in the ceiling corresponding with the explosion seen in the first photo above. He also noted that the placement of the bomb would ensure maximum lethal damage. The following animation shows us how a bomb on the roof of the room would produce all the physical evidence we have just observed (the people huddled inside are not depicted).

There is additional evidence supporting Novel's bomb theory, such as the distribution of cracks seen around the exterior walls of the room. However, the evidence presented above is sufficient to prove that a powerful bomb exploded on the roof of the concrete room sending a sudden pulse of extreme explosive force down into the room. Such explosive force was sufficient to have finished off any of the forty one women and children not already killed by exposure to fire, heat, smoke, CS, or the poisonous gases such as hydrogen cyanide that are produced when CS power and its carriers burn. It is conservative to conclude that nobody was supposed to come out alive.


But how did the federal forces assaulting the Mt Carmel Center manage to place a bomb above the concrete room inside the Center? Danny Coulson, a former FBI official involved in Waco operations, said on the Billy Hayes Show (KLIF 8/24/99): "We had agents that went inside that building during the fire." Recent revelations also indicate that as many as 20 members of the Delta Force (elite mass murder specialists) were involved in the final assault on the Center. One military whistleblower testifies that Delta Force B Squadron was ordered to "take down" (ie, kill) the Branch Davidians. Also, FLIR video taken from an aircraft shows federal agents firing machine guns into the Center, proving intent to murder.

As we can see in Part I of this report, a tank drove into the Center headed for the room. It drove in and out several times. Novel proposes that the tank deposited agents who then placed the bomb over the room. The tank's boom could have punched a hole through the ceiling of an outer room to allow access to the second floor. In fact, as we can see in the first photo above, the area above the first-floor ceiling where the tank penetrated has been opened up.

However, this is the bottom line: if there was any possibility that the bomb that demolished the interior of the concrete room and the women and children therein was in any way caused by the Davidians, the government would not have demolished the room thereby destroying the evidence that was indelibly etched in its structure.

Ruins of the concrete room, finally destroyed by the government.

While willful destruction of evidence is both a crime and an effort to cover-up a crime, the premeditated mass murder of dozens of women and children is a crime against humanity! The women and children who died in the concrete tomb could have testified about the Federal Government's abuse of them prior to the final assault, which would not only have been a threat to federal officials, but could have mortally wounded President Clinton's then-new administration. Any concerns of such repercussions were conveniently snuffed out by a bomb that silenced all those voices forever on April 19, 1993.

Inform your Congressional representative about this proof of mass murde.

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