CNN has reported (on February 4, 2000) that a Mason's ring was recovered at the Alaska Airlines 261 crash site. It belonged to one of the victims, a member of a Masonic Lodge No. 260.

The victim was a Williams, Robert, (i.e., "Levi's Rabbi"), a member of the Warren Gamaliel Harding Masonic Lodge No. 260 in Poulsbo, Washington State. The link below is the home page of his Luciferian Temple:
Luciferian Temple

By the way, U.S. President and Masonic Brother Warren Gamaliel Harding died, probably of poisoning, after a trip to Alaska, of all places, in the summer of 1923. He died in San Francisco, CA, Flight 261's original destination. He died on August 2, at the time of the Mid-quarter Day of Summer, a Luciferian holiday. (The Alaska Airlines 261 "accident" took place on January 31, close to the time of the Mid-quarter Day of Winter, another Luciferian holiday.)

He died according to the 19-year Metonic cycle of the Moon and in a year with a Blue Moon. He was sacrificed in San Francisco to consecrate the western side of New Atlantis, a.k.a. the U.S.A. (Please see the article "The Consecration of New Atlantis" on this Web site.)

The number 260 is just one less than 261, the flight number. Also, in Hebrew gematria (letters as numbers system), 26 corresponds to YHVH, God's name (Yod = 10, Heh = 5, Vav = 6, Heh = 5 ). The number 26 is also twice 13, the most Masonically correct number.

Some more food for thought: 261 = 9 x 29. Also, think about the number of victims, 88 = 49 + 39.

By the way, CNN corresponds to 103, another Luciferian hoofprint of the Masonic number 13 (C = Gimel = 3, N = Nun = 50, N = Nun = 50 ). Thanks,


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