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    In Memory Of...   


03/06/01 - 12/04/02
Cause of Death: Old Age


7/8/00 - 10/30/02
Cause of Death: Old Age

Cause of Death: Old Age


Cause of Death: Old Age


Cause of Death: Old Age ?


Cause of Death: Unknown


Cause of Death: Unknown


Cause of Death: Old Age


Cause of Death: Old Age


Cause of Death: Unknown


Cause of Death: Unknown

5/30/00 - 5/20/01
Cause of Death: Old age

1/16/99 - 4/20/01
Cause of Death: Old age
Petrie was destined to be with me at the end. He was given to a boy down the street when he was only about 4 weeks old. Later he decided he no longer wanted Petrie and I took him back. I later found another home for him and that person didn't want him any longer either. So, I got him back about a month ago. I don't know what was so wrong with him, he was a very sweet hamster in my opinion! He lived a good, long life, and I will miss him so much!

3/6/00 - 3/30/01
Cause of Death: Old age
Rex was such a fighter! He developed diabetes at least 6 months before died, but he made it much longer than most of them have. He was always running in his wheel and very active right up until the day he died. He was a very strong little guy, and I will always remember him for that.

4/00 (?) - 12/16/00
Cause of Death: Old age
Damien was another unfortunate hamster to develope diabetes. He was always the sweetest boy though, and he was very handsome. He stayed strong through his sickness, and he survived a lot longer than most of them have. I will miss him very much.

7/15/98 (?) - 12/12/00
Cause of Death: Old age
Nugget was one of the first hamsters at Happy Critter Hamstery. Actually, I had him before I started calling myself a hamstery. He was a good old boy, and he lived to a very old age for hamsters. I knew his time was coming soon, but it was still so hard to let go of him. He will be in my heart forever, and he will live on in his grandaughter, Libby, who I still have.

10/20/99 - 9/23/00
Cause of Death: Infection (see below)
Salem was the sweetest boy ever, and he was so handsome! He was one of my favorite dwarfs, and I will miss him so much. He and Ebony (below) were paired up for breeding originally, and it makes me happy to think about them being together now. Salem developed an infection in his sent gland (on his belly) that I had been treating with an antibiotic. I guess I didn't catch it soon enough though because it had started to spread into his cheek pouches and it got to be too much for his little body to take. He was wonderful, and he will be greatly missed.

10/28/99 - 8/28/00
Cause of Death: see below
Ebony had developed a large tumor on her chest, so I finally got up the courage to make an appointment to have it removed. She made it through the surgery just fine, but went downhill after that. I don't know what else I could have done differently. I will miss her very much.

02/26/00 - 5/30/00
Cause of Death: Unknown
Daphne's death was very sad. She was the prettiest mottled black dwarf that I had and she was always very sweet, even while she had babies. She came from a bad line though, so I wasn't sure that she would live very long.

11/15/98 ? - 5/29/00
Cause of Death: Probably old age
Patches death was sudden and very sad. I expected her to live a long, happy life. At least she appeared to have died in her sleep, so I'm glad she went peacefully. She was very special to me being she was one of my "first" hamsters before Happy Critter Hamstery got started. She will live on in her daughter, Cinnamon, and the babies to come.

8/29/99 ? - 5/24/00
Cause of Death: Diabetes (I think)
Nibbles was one of my first dwarf hamsters (along with Tiny) and he was also a biter. Once I got him out of the cage he was fine. I just loved his beautiful markings.

10/15/99 - 5/30/00
Cause of Death: Infection


Cause of Death: Unknown


Cause of Death: Unknown

2/26/00 - 5/30/00
Cause of Death: Unknown


Cause of Death: Diabetes


Cause of Death: Unknown


Cause of Death: Unknown


Cause of Death: Unknown


Cause of Death: Unknown


Cause of Death: Unknown


Cause of Death: Unknown

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