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Other Supplies

The only other supplies that you will NEED to have are a wheel and a water bottle. Your hamster needs a wheel because he/she needs to exercise daily. I have read that hamsters can run 4 miles a day! Here are some different types of wheels:

This is a Wodent Wheel. I believe that this is the safest wheel available for hamsters and other small pets. Click here for more information on these great wheels and how to order them!

This is a metal wheel. Some people may think these are a little dangerous, but I have never had problems with them. They do tend to squeak sometimes, but a little Vaseline® will take care of that!

This is a plastic wheel that comes in a variety of colors. These do not squeak like the metal wheels can, and they don't present as many risks as metal wheels do either. The only problem you may find with the plastic wheels is that some hamsters prefer to chew on them rather than run in them.

Here is a rather uncommon type of "wheel," that looks more like a dish! These are probably too small for Syrian hamsters, but they are great for dwarfs!

An exercise ball offers an alternative to the wheel in the cage. These are used out of the cage, and the hamster rolls the ball around on the floor. Some of them come with a stand to hold the ball in one place.

Now for the water bottle. With a wire cage, you can easily attach it to the side of the cage with the little wire holder it will come with. With an aquarium cage, you have to also purchase a water bottle holder to hang down over the side of the aquarium.

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Other things that your hamster might like are wooden chew blocks, which can be purchased at pet stores, and toilet paper rolls, which can be found in your trash!

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