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The hamster that you buy should have a shiny, healthy-looking coat, and bright, shiny eyes. Ask to hold it before you decide to buy one. Most young hamsters are pretty hyper and may not like being picked up, but this doesnít mean that it isnít a good hamster. You probably donít want one that bites when itís picked up though. But even if it does, this behavior can be changed. Although, the more docile the hamster is when you hold it, the easier it will be for the hamster to get to know you. It can require some time and effort to tame a hamster, but Iíve never had a hamster that couldnít be tamed. You just have to hold it for a few minutes every day, and get it used to your voice and your smell. The most important thing to remember is to pick one that is young and looks healthy.

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