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.........Joshua Davis, Sr. 1703 Richmond county

Richmond county ...To all Christian People to whom these presents shall come I Joshua Davis of St Mary's Parish in the County aforesaid for the Naturale affection I have and bear and love to the children herafter named and for theire incouragement in learning their books, I give them the cattle hereafter expressed and named. Imrs. I give unto my son, Joshua Davis, a young red cow called Fortune and her female increase and the bull calves reserved unto my selfe and executor for the looking after the said cow female increase. And unto my son, Saml. Davis, a young black heifer called Blossom and her increase as aforesaid to my son Joshua. And unto my daughter Esther Davis, a young black cow called Gentle and the increase as aforesaid and unto my daughter in law Mary Griggs, one black hiefer with a spott in her forehead called Gest; and unto my daughter Elizabeth Crawford a young brindle heifer called Loveley and incresase as aforesaid all of my owne proper marke a crop on each eare and a slitt under each eare and branded on the topp of the left buttock, to them and their heires, exrs. the male increase reserved of all the cattle aforesaid to me selfe or executor that shall look after them and in case either of my said children should dye before they attaine to age of 16 years at which time they are capable by law to make will theire cattle to be divided amongst the surviving children and in wittness hereof I have hereunto putt my hand and fixed my seale this 1st day of Septr. 1703