I don't get it

Things just don't make no sense.

Hello, me again? I have some questions for y'all. Like first of all...why do rednecks (NASCAR Drivers especially) always put two words together to make one word just to sound to stupid? Like why in'th 'ell do yous kids has to talks like dis? I'm always found on the bus just thinking. "(I'm not allowed to mention any names so...) ______, there we go. Now what in the hell is the matter with you, sit your ass down! For the last time you are not black!" But he just says, "Yo's i's jus's tryin' to repsent, back y'allsef off cuz you no want dis." I don't want what? Horrible english and a tiny dick? Hell no I don't want that you're right. And you don't even speak ghetto slang, you speak Hicco. It's a cross between Hick and Ghetto. Listen you me, you were born white trash and you will die white trash so just get over it!