Hello everyone this is Clay and I hate Ugly bitches.

Ugly girls I have three points for you.

1.) Contrary to your belief, makeup does not cover up an ass ugly face!!! So stop trying. If you're ugly, you're ugly, just deal with it. Never ever talk about your 'guy problems' you have no guy problems. Guys don't hang all over you, if they did they would be set on fire by the hell that is your soul. Bitch!

2.) Don't make me and people who don't like you the bad guys. You're the bitches. Why do you hate men, are you just pissed cuz you can't get any cuz ur ugly? I bet that's probably what it is. some of us are some of the best guys I know so just bow down and kiss our asses. Bitch!!

3.) Just quit talking in general. Your voice is too annoying, your face is too icky, and your 'boobs' are too small. You have no reason to talk because you know absolutely nothing about anything. So just don't say anything at all because everything that comes out of your mouth is just. BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH!!!! Bitch!!!

Ugly Girls I hate you all so much so just do us all a favor and go away!.