School Sucks!

But I don't wanna square dance!

School Sucks! I mean, I'm sorry I never noticed this before but it is horrible let me run you through my day.

1st Period: Now this is Science 9 Honors...mmmkay... and this class isn't bad...mmmkay... but Mr. Delorenzo does kinda talk like Mr. Mackey...mmmkay... and that I explained to him that I can not keep a good notebook but he still expects me too...mmmkay.

2nd Period: Now I come to the prick of all pricks, the faggot of all faggots, the intolerable Mr. Naternicola, now this guy is the worst in the whole world and I know that Delligatti puts it in his butt but that's not the point. Get this guy... he kicks me out of class because I didn't have enough paper for his assignment and then he counts me absent. I WOULD HAVE BEEN THERE IF HE DIDN'T MAKE ME LEAVE!!!! It wasn't my fault.

3rd Period: Band = Nothing

4th Period: English 9 AP Prep. I Hate this class!!! Mrs. Feltz give to much damn homework! What a bitch! I mean Fuck fuck fuck fuck! What the hell is she doing why is she so mean am I not supposed to have any sort of life AT ALL?! " Okay for tomorrow read war & peace and write a 30 page essay on the motif of the thought of :: air quotes:: 'war and peace' :: air quotes:: utilizing every appearence in the book. Also write in a poetic form."

5th Period: Math is math is math is math and math SUCKS!

6th Period: I actually like stagecraft because it's the only class in which my teacher doesn't care if I sleep. It's basically a free period.

7th Period: Gym. I can sum up my thought on this class in one sentence. GOD DAMMIT I DON'T WANNA SQUARE DANCE!!!!