Reality TV my ass!

Reality My ass!

Okay, If you don't already know Survivor is coming back with a new season, this time on Marquesas. Now I know this is a reality TV show, which suck, but I admit I used to watch that show and it WAS okay THE FIRST TIME! And you know what I don't get? How in hell does this qualify as Reality TV? How many people do you know who were stranded on an island with 12 other people as they were eliminated 1 by 1 and whoever was left won money? How is that Reality? Do you know anyone who was put in a chamber that got hot and shook them around while they had to answer questions for money? I mean, maybe the mob does that but I've never seen it. And, Who wants to be a Millionaire? WHO WANTS TO BE A MILLIONAIRE? I SURE AS HELL DO! But why in the hell do you have to ask me questions before giving me the money? How often does this happen: "Hey dad, can I borrow the car?" "Only if you can tell me who shot Aaron Burr. Was it a.)..." I mean is that reality? If they are going to do a reality show and call it reality it sure as hell better be reality. Here's a good reality concept: Okay, we get a guy...give him a playboy, some Vaseline, and a towel, lock him in a room, and put casts on his hands...and film him figuring out how to jack off. I mean that is reality when you break your arm. Now that's good TV. So to sum up... Reality TV... Screw you and the horse you rode in on.