People I hate....

A short list of the people I hate (and why)

1.) Brandon - Come on, I mean, I don't even think i have to explain this one. But either way. Well, i guess i'll start at the top with his hair. I realize that his boss/grandfather is a nazi and makes him paint rails with a tiny brush but dude, having that much (white) paint in your hair just looks a little off. I won't mention his dumbo ears. Aside from his physical suckability, the guy is just a goof. Have you seen how much he falls? Dude, get special shoes or something. Brandon just sucks.

2.) The guy who takes the last slice of Pizza without asking anybody if they want it - I mean come on... that's the rule. Everybody knows that even if you don't care whether they want it or not you MUST say, "Hey, anybody want this last slice?" Because, hopefully everyone will realize that it isn't even a question. It is just a warning. "Hey, sorry but your going to have to savor the slice you have in your hand because I taking this last one and there ain't a damn thing you can do about it." It's just the proper pizza-eating etiquette.

3.) The guys who waves you in at the intersection but then decides to go and cuts you off and almost cause a crash - Seriously who can possibly be that much of a douche i mean - - - hey that was Brandon!!!!!