I hate Mike Poem

I just wanna smack him

I hate Mike so much, I want him to die
I hate Mike so much, it sometimes makes me cry
His stupid, poopy, dumb, bothers my every part
If he were on fire I wouldn't spit on him, but I
betcha I would fart

Ooh! Look at me I'm soo specialGTA: Vice City
Screw you mike!
Ooh! Brandon, wanna play GTA: Vice City at my house?
Yes I do!
Yeah screw you too brandon!

I think it would be funny to punch him in the face
And then i'd pee on his glasses
and get him to swallow them
so then, he'd be drinking my pee

Oh, all the things I could do
I hate him almost as much as I hate Laura
Yeah laura wilson...
Oh, I hate her too!

But Mike just has a quality
That I would like to shoot
One time I baked him brownies
That were made of my doggy's poop

I tried to convince his dad
To choke him while he's sleeping
He wouldn't do it though
So now I hate him too

To sum up: Mike I hate you
You just piss me off
Well maybe not so much
You're not that bad after all

Well it looks like I was
I guess i don't hate you after all
You just be real careful
'cause it would be horrible for you to fall

Off a building, into the road, and the for me to run down the steps after i pushed you and, just kick and kick and kick and kick and kick your little face in, and then get in my car and accidentally run you over and then back up and then run you over again and then back up and then run you over again etc... and then get out of the car and continue beating the crap out of you....

The End


Well, It's true..

He did feed me dog poop brownies.. But I told him my piss in a glass was sour lemonaide... So some of you may be wondering why clay wrote a poem about hating me.... Let me set the scene for you. It was 2nd period when Clay turns to me, looks me dead in the eye, and says "I'm making 'I hate Mike cartoons'." "Uhm, okay," came the reply. So clay makes a few of these 'I hate Mike cartoons'. So I get mad, and make my own 'I had Clay' cartoons. Needless to say, people liked mine more. That really Irked Clay off. So I turn to him in second period a few days later and say "I'm going to write a poem of how much I hate you" So Clay, being spiteful, Wrote this poem overnight and gave it to me the next day. Don't get me wrong, me and Clay arn't mad at each other, our entire friendship is built on hating each other. God Bless America.