I hate band Camp

Band Camp is Stupid!!!

Okay for those who do not know, 3 of the site rantists recently spent a week at Band Camp at Camp Ceasar (that hellhole among hellholes) in lovely Cowen, West Virginia. Now although located in a somewhat peaceful place, don't be fooled into think that Band Camp itself is peaceful and I am going to give all the home viewers just a little taste of how much band camp Sucks !!!

Day 1 Sunday, August 4th: Not too sucky, we just showed up at the the school Loaded the Buses and rode the 2 1/2 bus ride all the way to Camp Ceasar (that hellhole among hellholes). after getting all set up in the ratty cabins we played the field show music until dinner then after that we played the field show music until 10:30. Lights Out was at 11.30 every night. But no one got to sleep until like 2:00 because people thought they weren't tired but when they woke up at 6:30 the next morning they would realize they needed more sleep. But at 11:30 they always forgot again so it didn't matter.

Day 2 Monday, August 5th: Ok, the 6:34 wake-up call, was not a nice touch. Especially when it involves getting smacked in the face with Travis' comb. (which happen every day until he lost it, then he used his hand.) Umm, at 7:15 was calisthenics which usually lasted for about 10 minutes. Then we marched to breakfast. At breakfast we ate horrible food, in fact every meal was horrible so I won't mention any more of them. After that we went to the field and marched about it. But today it was hot. It would have been different if we were moving too, but we stand in one place for half an hour with the sun bearing down on us. This day wasn't so bad. Oh, and mike got stung on the hand. Cried like a pussy. It swelled to be about 3x it's normal size. So, yeah, not to bad of day, do de de dooo....

Day 3 Tuesday, August 6th: Not much. Just as horrible and as dirty and as smelly and sucky as the day before. Not as hot though. Gibbie decided to kill the rat with a broom stick, silly gibbie. And we got horrible popcorn tonight!!! Also we mostly marched.

Day 4 Wednesday, August 7th: Same wake up call, same everything except halfway throught morning marching I hurled so I sat down, damn Sloppy Joes!!! After lunch while marching I felt cold, dizzy, I had a headache, I almost passed out, oh and guess what I threw up again so I had to go back to the Cabin and sleep. But every 30 minutes Sullivan came back and woke me up and bitched at me because I wasn't marching but I was sick, I had hurled 4 times! So I slept. Meanwhile everybody in the band was out marching until 11:00, which happened everynight, but they were all getting sick, and it was like 40 degrees. I was all warm in my bed, poor bastards. HA!

Day 5 Thursday, August 8th: I didn't have to do calisthenics on account of all the puking today. But today I decided to march (i'm a good little trooper. Plus all the girls thought I was barve). Oh I also had to poop four times in 2 hours. It wouldn't have been so bad if Mike didn't keep bursting into the bathroom and running around like a crazy person on crack. Umm and I'm not going to mention the poop on the floor of the bathroom. Someone in our cabin pooped pooped on the floor and no one knows who it was. Brandon slip and fell on it. Yeah that's Band Camp for ya..

Day 6 Friday, August 9th: Today the entire band got chances to make small field show in our sectionals. We had a contest. And my section got gipped. We got second in both categories so we got nothing!!! And even the people who one overall thought we should have. We were awesome! (yeah, I'm conceeded, so what? I'm better than you!) Umm tonight there was a dance that sucked. The only good thing was pizza!!!! Which we took back to the cabin. Oh and friday officially became the day we found the smell. Apparently the rat (silly gibbie) had decided to crawl back into a corner of the cabin's boiler room and die. We made the freshmen clean it up. Yay us!! we gave them each a dollar. Yay Them!! Also Travis lost his comb today, he used hands. Boo Travis!!

Day 7 Saturday, August 10th: My birthday and I also got the best birthday present ever, I was allowed to leave band camp!!! Yayy!!! We pretty much just loaded up and left. That's it. i slept on the way back. Later, Mike told me I looked like a little baby...So he hit my in the face.

Well that was my Band Camp summary I hoped you enjoyed reading about my horrible horrible week! Bye Bye!!