Party? Who me?

I'm here to party

OK, Hi Ho everyone, I'm back and I'm gonna talk to you about some things that have been on my mind.

First, if anyone has ever been to Sunday school they heard that the first Human, Adam, named all the animals and that is pretty obvious. Like he ran out of all the good names you know? Like first he was like, "umm, Hip-po-pot-a-mus, Hippopotamus, ha ha ha ha ha.." but like an hour later he was like "ummm Cow", and then an housr later he named things by what they were doing, like, "umm Fly!!" and somewhere they was a duck going, "well damn it!!!"

Second, what is going on with kids and safety. Everyone is wearing a helmet. My 4 year old cousin was at my house and I asked him if he wanted to play soccer and he said "No, i can't, I don't have shinguards, of, knee pads, of elow pads, or a helmet or anything." So i asked if he wanted to stand on my bike pegs and I would ride and stuff, and he was like "No I have to wear a helmet and I don't have one." All I know is that when I was his age, if you wore a helmet and your friends saw you, they would beat the crap out of you. With the helmet!! It's crazy. But anway I gotta go see ya guys


Dude, I feel for the helmet kid. I used to have to wear catcher gear to ride a bike because I would fall off so much. I feel of because of all the damn gear I had to wear!! It didn't help the bike was like 4 foot tall and I was only 6...