Fighting is gooooood

Why Fighting is good.

Fighting does not solve anything. Fuck yes it does! True, talking is good, unless the person you’re arguing with is a total fucking ignorant moron. In my school it is a cultural mix. I would have to say that at least half the school is black. This doesn’t bother me. What does bother me is that 46% of that 50% are ignorant as hell! You bump into one of them while trying to push your way through the 2100 (yes, in my school we have this many students just in grades 9 and 10. Virginia Beach isn’t a small city.) students trying to make their way either up or down the main stairways they are going to want to fight you. Now, because I have fought so many of their ignorant asses and beat the shit out of them I am now the “psycho white boy”. I am glad they finally understand me. Fighting is how I gain respect, and solve problems quickly. So next time Mike makes a smart ass remark (which I know he still does) just beat him down, you will feel much better.

Note from Mike: