Bob Sagat

Bob Saget, American Hero or Satan's Child?

We all know him as the father on Full House and the host of Americas Funniest Home Videos. Sure, he kept us occupied as kids and even got a few laughs out of us, but was it for the best? Full House ran for 8 straight years, making us laugh and also giving the Olsen Twins their big start, sounds good right? But that also means that for 8 years they put corny, nerdy jokes into our brain and stuck them there forever. Also, them Olsen Twins. They are getting HOTT! But that is a bad thing, what if Bob Saget having them on that show set them up on a one way ticket to PORN!? That's right, they would be a hit on Playboy and no doubt I would get the issue. Although good for me, what about them? That image of the annoying, yet sweet little Olsen Twins we knew would be gone forever. What about Americas Funniest Home Videos you say, right? Yes, when we were feeling down we would just switch on the TV to see many people entertaining us with their misfortunes of old ladies falling off buildings, or parrots attacking people. But that's just it, why the hell did they keep Bob Saget as the host of a hit show? It was because Bob was just so good at it. His sick and twisted mind enjoyed seeing people getting hit by cars and attacked by rabid squirrels. What is worse is that then he would give money to the people that "excited" him the most. Now he is on the new show "Raising Dad", who the hell watches that!? So I leave this question to you, Bob Saget, American Hero or Satan's Child?