Top Ten Unanswered Questions in the Suburbs..

the top ten questions no1 has an answer to...well for me anyway... Dammit, just read it...

10. Why do so many women never wanna clean the sand out of there vaginas?

9.Why are me and mike and all our friends amused by such little things?

8. Why cant people from pennsylvania drive?

7. What the deal with all the hippies?

6. With all the advances in technology y isnt there an "every1 gets naked button"?

5. Why do the neighbors always get pissed off at us?

4. Why do u have to be 18 to do all the kewl stuff?

3. Why are pez so good?

2. Why hasnt some1 killed pauley sure yet?

and NUMBER 1
1. Why did God give men a brain and a penis and not enough blood to run them both?

If u have the answers to these question get in contact with me...