Man Hunt

oh man.

well guys last night me and about 10 other people played some man hunt in shop n save parking lot and mr celaschis neighborhood. my team only got to hide once because the boundaries where so big it took for ever to find anyone.

before the game even started, we had to go get everyone, and it was raining! rain sucks ass. and whats worse, we were all wearing shorts. so im freakin cold and wearing shorts. in the words of Mike, DAMMIT!

so we picked teams and mr celaschi lost paper rock scissors,so the other team hid. me and 4 other guys went to look for them, leaving mike behind. yeah, uh, we got lost... we ended up winning that round because mike tagged 3 guys.

but when my team hid heres what happened me and mr celaschi had a plan to get up on 'the kid's' shed. so we ran over to his house started to get up on the shed and here comes his BIG ass dog who broke the rope on his leesh thing and chased r asses up a tree. we sat there for about 10 minutes and watched the dog chase mike and our fellow teammates it was pretty funny. well after that we figured the dog was gone so we jumped down and wouldnt u know it hes waitin for our asses so we take off running. eventually we lose him and get really close to base. so mr celaschi goes stealth and makes it well as soon as i try to follow him everyone sees me and chases after me. thats when matt lieving chased my ass all over shop n save parking lot. in that process i jumped over a parked car, backed all the way to big lots, than took a head first slide under the cart racks. thats when i couldnt move ne more and i was out.....

so we all go back to base and tlk o this army guy who said 'fuck' every other sentance. it was hilarious! when the other team went and hid again, we left. sucks 2 b them man.