Women again!!

Woman Better? Yes its true men can never be topped because we ARE better. We dont think we are better, we are better. Yes men usually take to the violent side because thats how we handle things. We get pissed off so we have to take out our emotions not by crying or being a lil baby about it but by showing aggression and beating shit up.

Another thing is men are so much smarter than women. I can go through most of my classes and name so many more stupid girls than smart ones. There is so many more smart guys than girls. Everything that basically has been invented has been invented by a guy. EVERYTHING. You find two things that a women invented that everyone uses. Not just women. But yes some women are smart i give u that but not more women than men.

ok and now to u Tiffany.....

No i was not being a butt. I was stating something about women and since u didnt agree with it cuz u know ur exactly that u got pissed. Yea so what women but up with crap and so do guys, its life move on with it. No offense to the girl that was crying in the bathroom but i mean life goes on ur not gonna be in love with the same person since u were 5. It just doesnt work like that.