Women are Bitches

ok guys are assholes because women are bitches....

1. Women are always pmsing about somethin and when we try to talk to u u bitch at us so we become assholes.

2. Women always get pissed off about what guys talk about. I mean if you dont like it than dont listen or leave and god for bid if we say somethin about them than they turn into satan and go fucking nuts til they get there way.

3. Women can never make up there mind about nething. For one they can never decide on what guy they like; they like just about every guy. See guys we just think chix r hot we never say we like them. When u ask them what movie they wanna go see on a date its like i dunno how bout this one or no i want this one.

4. Women are too damn picky. I mean ill be the first to say that im picky but i mean my god if something isnt exactly how they want it bitch mode kicks in.

and finally....

5. Women are too fucking emotional. I mean all these chix are like "guys need to get in touch with their feminane side." What the fuck? Women need to become more masculine. Like i went to the movies with my old girlfriend to see titantic when it first came out and everyone in the movie was cryin and they wanted to kick me out cuz i was bustin out laughin. HAHA its Jack Frost hes all frosted.

But yea i cant think of anything else to say