Worst Day Possable

The Worst Day Possible

I had the worst day possible and here’s how it went: My damn gay ass sister woke me up at 7:30 and said i had to go to the dentist way over there by McDonalds so i was pissed naturally at having to wake up at 7:30 and than the frickin bitch says i gotta WALK!! That’s a lazy persons worst fear…It was BS. I had to walk through the ghetto and damn it was scary. I saw this black dude just layin on the street with a bottle of vodka in one had and his dick in the other. I was like damn better go kick him and see if he’s awake. So i walk over there, kick him, and his balls fell off. AHHHHH! i ran like hell outta there gettin shot at by two other dudes who thought i cut his balls off. Well i made it out of there with only a bullet in my knee and 1 nut. So i made it to the dentist and they said i had to have three teeth pulled. I was like SCREW this im not doin that so they strapped me to the chair and started ripping them out. Well after i got out of there lookin like i had the poop kicked outta me by 50 black dudes i walked up to McDonalds to get some food but of course there had to be a Chinese dude working there. I go give me a big mac and some fries and he goes “SCREW YOU NO BIG MAC AND FRIES AT 9:30” so I ask him if I could at least have some ice cream since my mouth hurt so bad. And he says “NO ICE CREAM FOR YOU HAHAHAHAHAHA!!” so of course i couldn’t eat so i pulled out a gun gave him 2 to THE chest and one to the head, robbed it and ran home where i currently am hiding from the cops. Im smokin my last cigarette and drinking my last beer and POW!! BLAH X


This was the last we heard from Rizzo for 3 days. We later tracked him down to Canada ice fishing with Harrison Ford and Rodger Rabbit. After bringing him back home, he invaded the Chinese restraunt and pooped on the fortune cookie rack. He is currently serving 3-5 in a federal rape you in the ass prison. This is Today, on NBC.