Rant Page 4

Someone must have hit me in the head with a stupid branch, cuz these rants are getting out of hand! 4 volumes of them, where is the reasoning in that!? This volume promises to be wilder than the 1st three, but we've been known to lie... A lot...

Unimportant Rants Volume 4!

My stay in Hell -By Clay
The Candy Rant -By Josh
Worst Day Possable -By Rizzo
Cocco Pebble Problems -By Brandond
I gots a car!! -By Josh
Who's on first? -By Mike
I hate Mike Poem -By Clay
I hate Tyler Poem -By Rizzo
Women... -By Josh
Halo and Germans -By Josh
People I hate... -By Clay
I am an angry individual -By Rizzo
Worker's Compensation -By Clay
Fast Food Follies -By Mike
Warning: Vivid Penis desc -By CLay
101 Methods of Mooching -By Mike
Why is this called 'Brandon Domico?' -By Brandon
Hot Snow -By Brandon