Unimportant Ranking!

Hey, What's up? I'm Brady, and this, is Unimportant Ranking. basically, I wanted to help Mike out with his site, so here I am. Everytime I find somthing interesting, I post it here for you to visit, a lot like a links section, only, I rank them out of 10 stars. And although my font color may be, I am not gay....I don't think...


Wooooo!!! After months of being grounded I can finaly go back and update. ::Fanfare music plays in the background:: Today, my update will be about everyones favorite group of people...no, not the Dutch...Ninjas. Ninjai: The Little Ninja is about a ninja named Ninjai and his on going flash stories. Curently there are 10 chapters but more are to come.


My Ranking: 8 out of the 10
Chapter 2 is by far the funnest out of them all!

Editors note: Sorry about not posting in a while. I'll also try to post a rant too...but I suck at them.


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