My Comp Sucks

Frickin Window's 98!

et Bill Gates in 'nher!! Holy Crap, I hate windows 98. My comp is slowly crashing because of it. and not only that, my keyboard sucks gator balls and can't type for nothing. Let me type a sentance without having to fix it.

M name s Mie and I m the owner of the Page of Unimrtance'

Now, what the hell? And if I move the keyboard my comp freezes up and have to restart. and if I pull on my mouse, my comp freezes, and if I try to download sumthin and make toast, my comp freezes... piss me off. And everytime I try to get on-line, I get an illegal operations message, and hae to reboot. I am about to toss my comp out my widow and drop sumtin' really heavy on it... Like A rock... A big assed Rock. Yeah. And then I'm gunna hit it with a stick. A big assed stick. I mean, my toolbar, MY TOOLBAR, ya know, that grey thing down at the bottem that shows all your stuff, THE FRICKIN THING CRASHES AND GOES AWAY. What the hell? Okay, see, here the thing, I love this computer, but, jeeze sometimes, I just want to go Die Hard on it and light the mother on fire... I need to rebuild the entire thing, which sucks, BIG ONES. Okay, I've gone on lng enough about this. I must be going. Live long, and Prosper... Beam me up Scotty