I'm Blind!

At 5:16 am this morning (3-21-02) I broke my glasses. GAY! All I did was pick them up! So I go on a search for Crazy glue to fix them until I can get a new pair. So around 7:03 we travel to the Shop 'n' Save to buy crazy glue. Now, I'm sent in to get it, but remember, my glasses are broken, I CAN'T SEE! So I wander around for a god 12 minutes until I ask someone where the glue is. "Isle Ten" she says. So I go o Isle ten... IT'S THE FREAKEN DOG FOOD ISLE!! So I go to leave the isle and I run into a dog food display... That hurt. So I find the glue and go to check out. After pickig up some orange tic-tacs, I notice only one counter is open and no is is there. I look over and see the clerck chatting with another one of his fat friends... So I finally get checked out and I leave. So there I am, trying to craz glue my glases while in a moving car. My left hand still doesn't feel right. SO I get to school with my glued up glasses and waltz right in. 2nd period I decided to color my glasses black with amagic marker. BAD IDEA. Not only did it look like crap, but I got black all over my hands. So in Raspa's glass 4th period, The damn glasses broke again. So I ask to g get the clue and 'fix' them. I was told to 'sit down and read'. Pay attention to the last senance. '...and READ.' Read? With no glasses that's pretty damn hard. So here I sit, 6th period with Casto... Glasse still broken,Josh taunting me, and no one seems to realize, I can't see. I'm holding the lens to my eye to write this. As of right now, the glasses are in 7 peices, my arm is all crampy, and I'm gunna get astigmatism. I feel like a song Josh and I wrote in Casto's class sums up my day...

A match

Named Mitch

Had a real bad itch

He tried

to scratch

but caught himself on fire