Lord and Master Mike

I feel I must intervene.

It seems that the age old topic of Men Vs. Women (btw, covered in the very firs rant on this site) has arisen again. Like a stated before, stick WO- infront of Man and all hell is about to break loose. Now, I consider my grasp of the world to be quite good, and will now share my knowledge with you. I know men, men are my people. We are very simple creatures, we eat when hungry, move when we have to, sleep when we're tired, and fight when we're pissed. Now, there are many ways for us to get mad, someone talking shit, something unlucky happening, ect. I have about 4 things that piss me off. Someone talking about my Family, someone destroying my things, dolts who don't understand the world, and women bitching that men are assholes. A Man would be perfectly happy if a women would just stop complaining about themselves.... "do I look fat, Why are you so lazy, What are you thinking, you don't respect me, etc." You know what really pisses me off? The new oxygen channel tat just came out. 'Just for women' Like women don't watch anything else on the TV. Frickin 'Lifetime' makes me want to throw up everytime I watch it. You think only guys watch Will and Grace? Survivor? Hell no! For as long as I've been alive, I've always gone out of my way to help a women out. I'm always Made to feel like I'm a lesser being to a woman, and then those same women turn around, go out with an asshole, and then think all guys are like that. I'm a good guy! I'm like Spider-Man type of good guy! I always stand for what I believe in. Take today, I Got detention because Clay got mad at m for helping him, and threw stuff at me. I didn't bitch or moan, I took it like a fucking man. Put a woman in that. hey would cry, whine, complain, and talk shit behind peoples back. I know they would, because you women do! Don't deny it! Women always complain because of their asshole boyfriend. You're right! He is an asshole! Stop going out with him, and date someone who is not an asshole. Jeeze. It's like giving a woman a stick and she beats herself with it! Now, women are mad at men for acting immature and stupid. But don't seem to realize they act the same way by talking in baby voices or the rolling of the eyes, or calling everything 'cute' Sure, men can be pricks, that's when you getaway from them, and find nice guys *cough cough* Oh, and stop complaining to the nice guys about your asshole boyfriend problems, we don't want to here it, because we know what's going on, but you won't listen to us. Women are always talking down to me, like I'm on a lower level, and I'm man enough to take it and not have to insult them. Ugly women are always the ones with the attitude, then again, good looking ones can be bitches to... No names fellas... So seriously women, take a look at all the guys you know. Chances are, you know some pretty cool guys, and some assholes. Why not stop trying to be popular by going out with white punks Again, no names, and see what the boy you always bitch to is doing. Chances are he doesn't have a girlfriend, because he's nice. Well, I'm rambled on for a while (half of this rant was deleted) so I guess I'll leave you with this

If you know an asshole, chances are Spider-Man's just around the corner... Think about it.