My Stance on Swearing


You have been warned... I like that Old time Rock and Roll

That Kinda music just soothes the soul... So what's that have to do with swearing? Well, I have a few different views of swearing.

Kids today have greatly downsized the 'harm' or swearing. If I were to walk up to someone who knows my name and say 'hey Bitch, get the hell out the way!' Most of the Time, he'll come back and swear at me. Yeah, with your friends, swearing is fine, I have no problem. Think about it, without fuck, we wouldn't be here, since fuck means to have sex. if our parents didn't fuck each other, we wouldn't be here. A wise man once said, 'I'd rather have my son watching a movie with two people making love, than a movie with two people killing each other.' Now, think about that... I'd like to take all the old western movies and replace the word 'kill' with the word 'fuck'.

Okay "Sheriff, We're gunna fuck 'em now. But we're gunna fuck him slow and painful-like..."

By the way, tanks to George carlin for that joke. Now what do you think about that!? Same thing with all of this Rap music. I hate it. They don't have real bands, it's a 'DJ' or something. Give me ACDC, a full rock band, who can play. Rappers are cheap bastards who have about this much talent:

\ /

And that's not a lot! It's about the size of Brandon's penis! *STIFF JAB* They sing songs about killing their wives, screwing their moms, slitting their dads, and committing even more murder... The first thing they always do when they win award? Thank God... They thank God for a song they sang about the subjects listed above. And there is no shortage of swearing for no reason.

So I guess swearing is okay, but in a controlled manner. I fully support the freedom of speech, and what it intails, but dammit, words carry meanings, and I try and spread my swears out with a least a little bit of content to think about... You decide where you stand on swearing...