Boy, I'm tired

Man, I'm tired.

That's it, I'm going to fall over a sleep on my keyboard. Infact, I would if I wouldn't get drool and snot all over it. In the last week, I may have gotten about 10 hours of sleep. let's break down my week, shall we, I know you want to.

Saturday- Played Halo all day and night with Rizzo. X-box is AWSOME! If you have an X-box, get Halo or I will sic Mrs. Casto on you. Stayed up all night and got no sleep.

Sunday- My Mom made me stay up all day... GAY!

Monday- Hard to stay awake, Total sleep time for the last 3 days: 5 hours.

Tuesday- School was Gay! Couldn't sleep, watched more TV in that night then at night in the last year. Total sleep time for tuesday: 1 hour! 1 HOUR!

Wednesday- Forgot homework, had to do it at night. Total sleep time: 4 hours.

SO let's add it up, It's thursday, and I've had a total of 10 hours, like I said. I am really REALLY tired. Now, I know some of you will be like , 'That's nothing, I've only had 5 hours of sleep this week' you know, trying to sound cool and tough. I'm just complainin' because I'm sleepy. I'm going to bed. After I get some sleep, I'm going to kill a whole lot of ya, and burn your town to cinders, because I'm groggy!