My Inner Child

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Well, today after I woke up, I was dragged off to the mall, where I spent about 5 hours of my Sunday. Pissed me off. We went so my dad could get a haircut. My question was, why all the way to the mall, it's like 30 minutes away! The answer came from my mother, "Because he didn't get it cut yesterday." Now, by my calculations, he could get his hair cut on any day of the week, why drag us out to the mall just so you can cut your hair? NO SENSE! So there I am, in the mall, surrounded by people I don't know and dont even like looking at, not only that, my parents have trapped me inside JC PENNY until the haircut was over. But they gave me a choice, I could leave only if I watched my sister too. BAHH!!!

So there I am, walking to the toy store with my sister, weaving in and out of people. We make it into the toy store, over crowded and funny smelling, and let my sister run loose while I went to look at some games. When out of the corner of my eye, I saw the Action Figures line. Now, I won't lie to you, I love toys, I'm just a big kid, but everyone else my age claims to have grown out of toys. Now me, I have a big inner child, who looks like Bill Cosby!

So Bill tells me to walk on over and look at some of the toys. There, I find out X-men are on sale. With little thought and some help from Bill, I bought that X-man (Magneto) and am even now pretending he's flying in the air, killing off Mankind. It's a great feeling. Ah... To be one with my Inner child...