Man, I need to start writing rants…mike’s are just getting so dull without mine…

      HEy everybody!  Josh is not dead! In fact, he is at home practicing his guitar skills!  That’s right! He’s just fine!  He’s been up to no good, like giving skateboarding and video-making bad names and having orgy partys and all that other fun stuff over at his psycho crib pad thing.  And other than that, his life is pretty much filled with comedy from his neverending, rapist, steel-trap humor mind thing.

              Well, I have not been up to too much other than de above, but I feel like I am losing my mind and stuff.  I have not skied or snowboarded for at least 72 hours.  I hear John Popper from Blues Traveler ringing in my ears and his harmonica solo in the HOOK. And the other night I woke up in a cold sweat, dreaming that me and mike (who eats entirely too much pizza for his own good) were chicken-chasers.  That’s right.  CHICKEN CHASAZ!  We were in a barracks with a bunch of Hispanic guys who spoke Spanish and all I know is si, no habla englais, and cerveza, which are not very helpful words.  The Americans would let the chickens go and me and mike and the hispaniolas would chase them until our legs turned into porridge and so we ate our legs cuz we were poor and hungry.  I presently woke up in bed and made sure my legs were there.  Then I had to go play some video games and look at some softcore porn until I feel back to sleep.  Clay, I am so sorry, but I had to watch CKY to get to sleep…  I had to see the guy throw the dummy on that truck because OH MY GOD THAT IS f-CKING FUNNY!!!!  Well, other than that, I went to a harlem globetrotter game and saw mike there and frankly, I was happy.  I had a pretzel.  I had my Diet Dr. Pepper.  I was sitting in front of an incredible hot girl with huge tits.  I got to look down her shirt.  I was BIIIG pimpin’ baby.  Plus, I got to see Lou Dunbar and he is hella awesome.

  MAN, I love boobies.  Thank GOD I am fricken single again.  BTW, since I broke up with Emily, which is not so boo hoo anymore, I saw her at the game and well, I said hi and headed promptly back to my seat for another front row seat of the juggies.  That was fun.    HAS anyone played the NEW James bond on PS2?  Tell me PLEASE at because I want to get it if it’s good.  It looks pretty kick-ass.   So, if you can find time in your very busy schedule to talk to me, skate with me, defile public property or scare little children with me, feel free because that’s what im here for.   STONE TEMPLE PILOTS vs. CKY?   WHO WOULD WIN>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> YOU DECIDE!!!                                       GET THESE SONGS ON MORPHEUS  

  1. Stone Temple Pilots – Plush
  2. CKY – 96 Quite Bitter Beings
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