Germans are Cool and So is Halo

WARNING: this rant is a little outdated…I now have my xbox, halo, and I was forced to clean up that smelly pile of refuse in my corner. Now, on with the rant.

Germans and Halo ROCK

Germans are cool. (they have that hot chick that did 99 luftballoons)

First off, I am not a Jew anthony, and no, it’s not spelled J-O-O. I’ve been playing Halo a lot lately and besides it being the best game ever…I like to drive the Scorpion and blow the crap out of everybody and snipe people…a lot. I mean you can’t just sit there with your sniper barrel on a guy that’s ready to snipe somebody else and doesn’t know it’s coming and not even giggle with .432 caliber glee. I especially like it when, right after you fire, they yell, “shit, they’re snipin’ man!” HA HA, oh man, I love that. There was this one time when I ran up the tunnel on Sidewinder and two guys were sniping on our base right next to each other…and I freakin’ whacked both of them!! OH, that was fun. After playing it for a while, the little rusted gears in my head turned a notch and I thought, “hey…I should go get an Xbox and buy this game!”

So after my party this year (which added up to a huge pile of pixie stick wrappers, empty 2-liters, and Doritos bags in my corner that isn’t getting any smaller, thanks Mike...) I rounded up some cash, went on Ebay and found me an Xbox. The mom that was selling Halo had to be the nastiest mom ever. She said “We bought this game for our son but then we realized it was rated M for mature and we have small impressionable children in the house.” Man, I don’t know if I could forgive that woman if I was that kid. That’s like giving a kid a free trip to Hawaii with 10 sexy masseuses at his hotel waiting for him and then taking it away. But, until the Xbox comes in the mail, (with $15 frickin shipping charges!) I’m gonna be playing Tribes: Aerial Assault. I’m not saying it’s a replacement for Halo, but it is really close. If you have a Ps2, go get a Network adapter and buy this.

So NOW on with the rant The germans are really smart dudes. I mean, if you have a small country about the size of Pennsylvania, WV, and Virginia put together, then you don’t think they’d be a world power. Yea, right. If they didn’t have such a retarded leader like Hitler (Illinois nazis…blehh) they could’ve taken over the world. I’m being serious. They make BMWs with a lifetime guarantee on the engine…what other company does that? The only thing they needed was mass production lines like the US had during the war. I mean if a nation that size could hold it’s own against the Allied Powers in WWI, then we could’ve been in for some serious crap if they had more space and manpower. Now Swedes, they are only cool because their women have big knockers. Large hoo-hoos. Huge Boobs. Full Breasts. ………yea…….. That’s DEFINITELY one of the reasons it would be great to go pro skier or snowboarder because I hear those chicks really go for em. Plus they have those swiss army knives which are pretty useful I guess… I don’t use them so I really don’t know…


Keep the Faith, Brothas’ Ephesians 5:1-20 Some other thoughts –

"Remember, if the world didn't suck, we'd all fall off!"
"Before you make fun of someone, walk a mile in their shoes. That way, you're a mile away from them and you have their shoes."