I got's me a car!!

I got a car!…………….sort of……..

  Well everybody, I finally have done it…I am now on four wheels…..well, three and about a third of wheels…

When I first saw this car, I knew we were made for each other.  Here are some of the boss specs on this bad boy:

1989 ford tempo
(I think tempo is an abbreviation for temporary, because this car iddnt holding up too good, but I love it anyway; It’s a Shaggin Wagon!!)
an infamous backseat…kind of
A hornets nest inside the gas cap
a partially working glove compartment
a driver side door that hangs down about an inch off the ground and doesn’t shut
Busted back window from gunshots (tight ass!!)
Plastic handles that are all broken
no muffler
a tape deck! WOW!!! Good for me!!!
A steering wheel
A trunk that opens really good; infact, too good…
A rusty hood for tetanus lovers everywhere
It’s an automatic (I wanted a standard, but this is too good to pass up)
And all of this for the amazingly low amount of $200!!! ( The repairs will cost about $900)

I know, I know…  You may not think it’s the greatest car, and the guy who sold it to me is a drunken sex maniac named Buddy so I’m sure there was some hanky panky going on in that infamous backseat, but all in all, it’s what I’ve been waiting for. (and maybe some hanky panky of my own in the back if that excites any of you ladies?!)

And now for the 2 extremely gay things about having a car…

You HAVE to have insurance and
It HAS to pass inspection.

Insurance sucks chink dick and I hate it like a bastard.  It’s like $70 a month for that piece of shit!

I hear you can take drivers ed and it will lower it tho’ so I think I’m gonna go for that my junior year.

Now the inspection thing may be a problem.  The car needs some…fixin up…and I can’t drive it until then.  …..Well, legally at least.

I did take it out for about an hour the other day without getting caught and it runs pretty good actually.  What can I say? I love this mofo.  Remember, if you’re ever in the’hood, come by my place and we’ll go out and cruise…if you brought the beer, disguises, and the fake ids.

Brandon and Me gots cars, we BAD!!!!

……….and Mike, keep bikin!


Well Well Well Joshy-boy. Seems someone forgot I'll be getting my license way before you guys and will be cruisin' around your neighborhoods flippin the bird in you busted ass car's face. Boo-Ya!