What about Brandon?

Don't be Trice

What the hell does that mean? Dont be Trice? What if I wunna be trice, huh? then what? Yea, that's what I thought, bite me. So Brandon is back in town, and all the ladies gather round. That's right. But I have a girlfriend, so life doesn't really suck for me anymore...well...as much anyway. And Sarah,if you read this, Love ya babe. oh brandon, you da man... I know. So lets talk about what I've been up to. Ive been working out, big and strong. oh, and who's bad? me, cuz I have a new car. 1995 pontiac Sunfire, so bite that Mike. Asshole. I took my permit test, only missed 3. when I first went to take it, i wasnt wearing my glasses so the lady said "read line 7" and i said "there's a line 7?" So i was told i was legally blind and couldn't take the test. boo-hoo. So me mike and clay went swimming in my pool and mikes pants kept falling down, so we had to tie them up with a rope. damn pants. and mike's so stupid, he wore jean shorts swimming. So me and Clay beat him up. TAKE THAT! Oh! I'm leaving now, gunna go play me some gamecube.