Our trip to the game...

Well one-day mike and me were bored out of our little minds.

So I (Brandon) says to myself "hey why don't I ask Mike if he wants to go with me to the basketball game to show off to all of the beautiful ladies. Well while I was showin offn Mike got a little lost and would you believe it he ended up showin his penis to a little boy (that silly Mike). When that little boy saw Mike’s penis he just wouldn’t stop starrin.

When Mike finally got done doin his “thang” if you know what I mean. We went looking for Misses and Misters that we knew. We found lots of people like Rizzo, Mr. Ben, and a little boy with penis holes in his but named Mr. David. Mr. David scared us and we went on an ongoing search for Mr. Starn. Unfortunately our search had no result (if you have any info on Mr. Starn’s whereabouts please sign our guest book, with it’s nifty new link!). But this wasn’t all that happened “no way”. Mike and me took immense amounts of sour patch kids sugar, powdery crap. With all of that sugar in our systems we went crazy and started actin like loud mouth rednecks. We were also Bad cause we kicked crap all under the bleacers.


Well, first off, nothing happened between me and the boy.

I went into the bathroom and there stands this kid, just looking at my wiener while I’m taking a piss. So anyway, we’re at this basketball game, and my butt is really itchy, so I didn’t want to sit down, but Brandon, being his lazy self, made me by tempting my with sugar and Caffeine. SCREW YOU BRANDON! So here we are, going up the stands to meet Mr. Ben and Rizzo, when we ran into some sassy black girls. Not that I’m racist, but they were sassy black girls. I said “excuse me, I need to get through” and she said “You don’t needs to get through ya stupid craka” I was like “HEY! You stop making fun of me, and get back in the kitchen, start makin’ some babies!” or, sumthin… Anyway, here we are, hopped up on sugar babies and coke (Brandon had Mr. Pib) and shouting incoherent sentences ending with “-I’ma kick you in the nuts!” Rizzo seemed to be rather interested in the cheerleaders, kept talking about how nice their shirts looked… anyway, As I watch this hardly close game, I think to myself, “I wonder how much trouble I would be in if I ran onto the court and took the basket ball… I’m hungry..” Well, long story short, me and Brandon ended up getting arrested for something called “indecent exposure” yeah, like it was indecent…