Mike Sucks

Note From Mike: I got this rant when Brandon was rather pissed at me for not being home. I guess I left the comp on and when you IMd me and called, there was no responce. I wish to print this Rant in it's natural state. The slante words are funny. words.. Enjoy!

Why is Mike such a Homo?

I hat him and his small penus.

You might not want to read this if you have heart problems, if youíre pregnant, or if you donít like random swearing.

Hey Mike you gigantic mother lovin, butt wipin, pickle suckin, butt pumpin, kume guzzlin, fairy screwin, BAH I ran out of things to think of; you are really lucky you retad and oh yea I used the g word you hate so much gigantic. I guess you donít like it because your penus isnít. Thatís right girls itís itty bitty. Next time someday calls answer the frakin' phone, or answer an im for Christís sake!

Well, there it is, and I have something to say in responce. Brandon, first I'm going to tie my shoes good and tight. Then, I'm going to lift that foot in the air. Afterwards, I'm going to shove my foot as far up your butt I'll be taking my shoe off in our mouth. While doing so, I'm going to whip out my 'tiny' slong and beat you over the head with it! There, I feel better