People who are cool

My List of peolpe who are cool!

All right I’m just goin to start of by sayin if you are one of the following people you are cool:

1. Old, senile people who tell it like it is. Example if your friend (mike) is bangin on a pot and an old guy (my grandpa) says “what the hell are you the drummer!” or “you guys look and act like women, you pussies.”

2. A little Chinese dude in a movie that has one line that contains the words F*ck and/or you.

3. A hot chick with really big knockers that likes dorks (me and mike).

4. Fat people that jiggle when they laugh and/or run.

5. Simply put: a red head you can ask mike about that one.

6. Bill Cosby, I mean what other man could make little children embarrass not only themselves but their entire families on national television, and who else could make seemingly useless things like JELLO a national hit with children and fat people who jiggle when they laugh.

7. Mormons, and if you don’t believe that, you suck. Because no one else could make cussing, consuming immense amounts of caffeine, and dating such a big freaking deal. Now you go to the Telestrial kingdom, you go to the Telestrial kingdom and you die!

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