Hot Snow

Simply put… “Hot Snow”

How many of you rant readers out there have been royally pissed off by the stinging coldness that seems to go hand and hand with the delightful goodness of snow. Well I know u have, and when I get pissed of at something I usually do one of three things.

1. Yell at it until it goes away
2. Kick and/or punch it until it cries, like a girl (mike) .Cry baby!
3. Think of some ingenious way to find an answer to my problem

Well I tried yelling, and that just ended up with me crying cuz I realized how horrible my life has gotten that I am now reduced to yelling at snow. “Crying face”. Well soon after that I realized my number two technique would also have no affect. So this leaves us with number three. OH YEAH! WHO IS YOUR INVINTIVE DADDY… that’s right I am!

I spent weeks thinking of way to make the “ Hot Snow”, but it was to no prevail. And then one night it came to me… in a dream. I shouldn’t be wasting my time making hot snow, I should ask god to do it for me. I mean he did make the earth and people and those cute little teddy bears that live in Australia, they’re so cute. Well I asked god and I still have received no answer. I think this might be because of all the time I have sworn at him and said I was going to hell just because I was angry, but hey I don’t know what I am doing when I get angry. So it looks like I am on my own on this one. It would be much appreciated if anyone would send advice to help or maybe caffeine. I am a very tired boy who needs caffeine. Help me… please. I am so cold. Burrrrrrr