Damn Cocco Pebls!!!


Why must they get soggy…WHYYYYYY?
All I was looking forward to this morning was eatin my Cocoa Pebbles. But no I can’t have my sweet, delicious, mouthwatering COCOA PEBBLES! You see folks I was eatin my Pebbles and I was also on the net (which I can’t say why I was on the net for I would have to kill you) so I didn’t eat any of my Pebbles for a good while and when I finally went to eat them they….. were….. dammit...they... were... SOGGGY! NOOOOOO! I was soo pissed off cuz what man who wants to eat soggy Cocoa Pebbles (it’s just not American). After this had happened all I wanted to do was find the guy who invented cereal, ask him why the hell he made cereal so soggy knowing that no one enjoys soggy cereal, and then shove my foot as far up his ass as humanly possible. But then I calmed down and realized my shoe was definitely not as big as I wanted it to be to inflict as much pain as I wanted it to. Goddamn cereal maker I hate you, and if you happen to read this. I will be watching you!!!