Down with the Unimportant Poll!!


Well here I am again complaining about something mike has done to piss me off. I am sure you have all seen the new unimportant poll. Well, I just have to say it sucks. Someone might ask, “gee Brandon why would you not like that unimportant poll. It let’s us viewers vote on who the best rantist is, and how could you not win what with your boyish good looks and suave manly charm.” Well I just have to have to say, “Sarah you’re right I am the perfect person to win this thing. But for same strange odd reason I am getting my ass kicked all over the place by my good buddy (who is not suave and manly) mike. Now I believe mike made this poll just to piss me off cuz he knew that people are crazy and that they completely discard good attributes and vote for other crazy people. So with all that said, I say all of us people who have boyish good looks and suave manly charm that have lost to some weirdo band together to fight to get rid of the unimportant poll. Thank you and remember vote Brandon in the unimportant poll. He’s real man for a real man’s poll.

This rant has been sponsored by the vote Brandon in the unimportant poll committee, and by PBS, and people like you...