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The Album EP



I can't deal with these feelings
I wanna do what I want
I won't be left out on the side
I wanna be by your side
And I can't stand to live without you
Lying in my arms
I can't stand the thought of seeing you
Dying in my arms
Living without you is so hard right now
Sleeping beside you'd be so great right now
I wanna be with you but I just can't seem to figure out
Why that other guy always seems to be the one around
I want you to be with me
I wanna be what you want
I won't be left out to dry
I wanna be right by your side

Life's a journey and I just got left behind
I missed the bus I guess I'll walk
The streets are scary but I don't really mind
Step over the bodies lined in chalk
Well can somebody please help me find me
Trip stumble and fall my way around
Gotta get home to find some
What the hell can I do once it's found?
Walk through the door, sit myself on the couch
Ignore the blinking machine
Girlfriend called last night wanting "some time off"
I'm too damn numb to even scream

I couldn't see what was there before
And I though you did but there was more
And I hope I didn't let it slip away
The way we talked and the way you acted
This whole time you've been attracted
What is it about me that you adore?
I've been blind this whole time
The path has always led in your direction
I hope I haven't run out of time because
I don't wanna keep you waiting no more
It's what I've wanted for so long
And I thought you didn't but I was wrong
Ain't it strange how these things work out all the time?
Do you know where this will go?
Cause I don't know where this will go
Strangers in this game that we call girls and boys

I can't stand to live without you
I just wanna be around you
I can't stand being here
And knowing you're there
I don't wanna leave you be
Just come along with me and see
All of those things I've grown to love
Are the times that I'm with you
Right now
Now I'm with you
Right now
Me just us two
Right now
And forever
And knowing that you're there

I haven't had to do this in a long long time
Do you think she can feel my heart beat through the line
A promise that I hope she'll keep
Just another blinded leap
Will our laugher echo in the night?
All the night long I see your face in my dreams
You kiss me and you say you'll never leave me
It's been so long since I felt this way about so long
Doing backflips in a padded room
Starting over scares the shit out of me
It doesn't help that my brain and heart just can't seem to agree
Is she the one I'm looking for?
I cast my eyes down to the floor
Need the knowledge that will set me free

She's packed up and she's never turning back
She can't exactly figure out where she's at
She's tired of waiting for what she can't get
She's out on her own get ready get set
She's out on her own, not takin it anymore
She has a fire inside
It's killing her softly
But she never wants to put it out
Made up her mind
Not gonna be lonely
She's knows exactly what she's all about
She found her name in the lights of the city
Happy took the place where pain used to be