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Model Railroad Listings

I have been a model railroader for many years. Currently, I do not have the room to build a new layout or to store my collection. I am currently selling the items that I can live without.

I am  collector, but am not an appraiser, so when I state the condition of the pieces, it is my opinion. With that being said, I cannot guarantee that an appraiser would tell you the same about them.

All of the model railroad items have been used. I can attest to their ability and condition as far as I can tell. All of the items do run well unless otherwise stated in the description.

Return Policy

You are bidding on these items after reading my description and seeing the photos that i supply. I will tell you of any broken or missing parts in the description. With this said, I will not offer returns on these items.

Shipping Information

            I will pack the comic books in the USPS Priority Mail package that they fit best in and I will ship them to you normally the day after I receive your payment.

            Items paid for via PayPal are normally shipped first thing the morning after payment notification is received.

            Items paid for via money order or cashiers check will be shipped the day after I receive payment.

            Items paid for via personal check will be shipped when the funds are released by my bank. This normally takes five(5) working days.