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Jennifer Dodd

University 101

One of the few 'chosen' include a program created by WVU students (where does that sound familiar?). Anyways, this program was called “Tales of Jack and Jill”. It encompassed lots of those lovely things that can unexpectedly happen here at our wonderful institution. Mostly, they were gloomy topics, like raping, lying, stealing, cheating, good-for-nothing people. There's a bad egg in every bunch, right?

The speakers told us of a concept known as “The Six Pillars”, which consisted of six morals that everyone should follow. These were fairness, respect, citizenship, caring, responsibility, and trustworthiness.

The rest of the show was broken up into 4 “scenes”, depicting 4 separate scenarios describing situations where you can get mislead, or even hurt by those you consider friends. The first of these showed a game of Twister. One of the guys was drunk and his friends pretended to be drunk. This didn't work out quite like the sober ones planned, and the drunk guy ended up knocking one of his friends out. The moral of this story was getting drunk can hurt relationships. The second scene was a situation of an lesbian African American who was getting harrassed due to her race and sexual orientation by her land owner, who tried to make everything as hard as possible for her. The next was about was essentially hinting of a warning to all the girls out there who like to get intoxicated without keeping a close eye on their drink. This was about a woman getting raped by an assumed good friend. Moral of this story: if you're going to drink, keep an eye on it at all times.

Finally, the last scene showed a group of housemates, they seemed to have a problem with paying rent. Then stuff turned up missing, after a lot of fighting, someone stepped forward to take the blame. Moral of this story: Room with people you trust, or be more strict on rent payments – something like that.

I found this program pretty useless, because we've all had this information hammered into our heads already from several sources. The way the presentation was presented also made me more disinterested, the majority of the audience seemed to share my opinion, as there were many side conversations.