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Work Philosophy

Over the past four years that I have worked, I have gained a sense of what it means to work hard. Although the jobs I've had were in retail and sales, they have taught me a lot in the areas of teamwork, dedication, communication, and customer service. I value teamwork and dedication above everything else. I know that without either, tasks would become more difficult than they had to be. Without communication, there's no way to know what needs to be done, or what is already finished. Communication and organization are a vital part of any business. And finally, I value customer service. I see customer service as an important part of business because that is why businesses survive- good customer service. We should treat our customers the way we want to be treated, if not for any other reason than the fact that we are customers in other places when we aren't at work. These are the main points of my work philosophy. Below is a list that sums up the most important things to me at work.

Most important things:

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