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The Princess Returns

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Well you've finally found me... hope I don't have to contact the Witness Protection Program again. There is so much about me, but I don't know if you can handle it all or not. Oh well, we'll find out. My name is Jessica. I'm 20 years old and I currently live in Princeton, WV. I graduated from Princeton High School in 2001. I used to live in Greensboro, NC. I do have a boyfriend, his name is Timmy and I love him very much. I have a lot friends that I want to say hi to: Timmy, Ashley, Jason, Brandi, Mommy Bernice, Jessica M, Ashley V, Jenni, Joey, Derek, Jack, Kaitie, Sarah, Tate, Jordan, Albert, Steve, Chris, Mike, Dale, Kristen, Aaron, Brittany, Bonnie, Nick, Virgil, Nathan, Danny, John, Miranda, Ricky, Stephanie, and Tara. If I've left anyone out just let me know... I'm not an only child, actually I have 1 sister, 2 brothers, and 2 step brothers. So hi to Sean, Cole, Bridget, Josh, and Michael. Wow, talk about a big family. I like to do all kinds of things; I like to shop, talk on the phone, dance, hang out with friends, surf the net, listen to music, cruise, watch movies, and lots more. If you want to know anything else about me just ask.

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