Cole Cash aka Wasted Youth Updated: 8/03/03
Height: 6'1''
Weight: 240 lbs
Hometown: Allentown, Pa
Finisher: "Requiem for a Dream"(2K Bomb) and the "Superiority Complex"(Dragon Clutch)
Trademarks: "The Edge"(Straightjacket Piledriver), Emerald Fusion, Shining Wizard, and stiff japanese style kicks and forearms.
Titles Held in NGW: Universal Champion (1x), Tag Team Champion (2x)

For the better part of six years, I've been doing this professional wrestling gig, and I was always the laid back one, the carefree, egotistical one. I smoked pot as often as I could, and I drank anytime, anywhere. This was how I lead my life, and I never once thought of the reprecussions, or the consequences, all I worried about was living for the moment. You see, this business is a disease that once you're exposed to, there's no cure for you. You experience pain, glory, good times, bad times, good people, and bad people on a regular basis, and you just get used to it. Nothing is ever for sure except for one thing, and that's you'll only make a few real friends in this business. You see, I thought I had a my handful of friends. Inferno, Deihl, Blade, and Virus...I thought they were my boys, I just figured they'd always have my back, then suddenly Inferno and Virus turned their backs on me, and Blade took away my Universal Title. The one thing that meant more to me than life itself, and Blade took it away. That selfish sonofabitch couldn't stand it that I was in the spotlight and he wasn't, so he undermined me, and stole everything I had. The day after I lost my belt, I took a step back, I looked at my life and I realized something...I was worse than Blade ever could be. I was a man consumed by my own ego, and that is worse than any addiction I could ever have. I also started looking at all the drugs and all the alcohol, and I just can't see the point in it anymore. The three X's I now showcase are my heart, my soul, and my life. I am straight-edge, not because it's a trend, and not because I think it's something to do, or a gimmick, I'm straight-edge because it makes me a better person than each and every person in the NGW locker room, and it drives me to put my body on the line each and every single time I take a step through that door. I've seen what alcohol does to people, I've seen people's lives breakdown and fade away, and I refuse to let my life be taken over by something as pointless and usless as alcohol. I have taken my life and put myself in control of it....mock me for my choices.....make fun of me for my decisions, but do not blame me if you don't join me in this revolution of a faithless uprising. I will be your martyr, I will be your new lord and savior, follow me to nirvana, and I will give you everything you've ever wanted. Dust to dust....ash to ash......

....You Don't Need Faith To Be Better Than Everyone Else