Virus Updated: 2/27/03
Height: 6'1''
Weight: 185 lbs
Hometown: Tampa, Florida
Finisher: System Shutdown (Double Underhook Facebuster)
Trademarks: Meltdown (Front Russian Legsweep)
Activation (Frog Splash)
Ctrl Alt Del (Top Rope Rolling Legdrop)
Various Suplexes including: German, Dragon, Tiger, Fisherman, T-Bone, Belly 2 Belly
The Virus Effect (Sharpshooter Camel Clutch Combo)
The Trojan (Pump Handle/Straight Jacket Fall Away Slam)
Experience The Difference(Suplex Flipped Out into a Urinage)
SARS(Top Rope Pedigree)
Taste Of Heaven (Rolling Fisherman Suplexes Followed Up By Ki Krusher)
Titles Held in NGW: Universal Champion (1x), H.T.R. Champion (1x), United States Champion (2x) Tag Team Champion (4x)

Virus began his career in BYW as the Ringmaster along side Cage as well as Thug. Virus suffered a knee injury that put him out of action untill the days of XCW. He continued through XCW and on to NGW. In the beggining of NGW Virus' style was brawling. However, that has changed drastically. Virus have many great encounters with the likes of Fly Guy and The Kid Inferno and has really established a great moveset. His moveset is one that can come virtually out of no where. Virus has had moderate success winning the NGW World Title on one occasion and was at one time the Owner of NGW before losing that power to Chris Adams. Virus has also held the tag team titles in NGW on four occasions as was the first-ever NGW Jr. Heavyweight Champion. Look for Virus to blow up very soon, as there is a huge star inside of Virus. Now that Virus has found a personality that is more likeable as ever, the fans have really seemed to take a liking to him. A month back Virus was released from NGW but due to the departure of Chris Adamz Virus was reinstated back as 50% owner of NGW, and he personally reinstated himself to the active roster!!