"Violent" Vance Desmond
Height: 5'7''
Weight: 130lbs
Hometown: Cocoa Beach, Florida
Trademarks: "The Violator" (Running Sinton Backsplash), "The Shake Rattle & Burbon Street Blues", VVD Splash, "Desmond Cutter" (Top Rope Ace Crusher).
Finisher: "Lexicon" (Pump Handle Urinage Suplex)

VVD began his career in XCW along side T.J. Andrews forming the greatest tag team of all time, Cheap Heat. However eventually the two parted ways and we didn't see either man for a great amount of time. Recently, Desmond returned to NGW and came back more charasmatic then ever. VVD picked up his first title after only 3 weeks back. That of course being the hardcore title. That is a story all of its own. VVD was simply trying to leave the arena when he pulled up in his car in the middle of the hardcore match. Serial Killer had just won the match and began to walk out in front of VVD's car when VVD told him to stop and Serial Killer kept on going. VVD got out of his car and knocked out Serial Killer then was informed he could win the hardcore title, so VVD made the pin and won the belt. VVD defended his title against Rizo, Rage, and Serial Killer the same day at a local playground and was successful, even though the Police came and busted us. After winning the NGW Hardcore Title VVD went from being a fun loving guy, to a complete asshole. Along the way VVD met up with Virus, Serial Killer, and Rage and formed the Nation of Hate. Since joining the Nation, VVD's fame has began to rise at a fast pace, he may not go down as the most loved wrestler in NGW but he sure will go down as the most hated!